About FACE Circles

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FACE — Forum of Accountability in a Circle Experience

The FACE Program offers an alternative to both youth and adult court in Midland, Penetanguishene, and the surrounding Townships of Tiny and Tay. We aim to have those who come into conflict with the law and with each other to become accountable for their actions in a restorative manner. FACE also offers healing to the victims of their behaviour.

Restorative justice is based on the native traditional teachings that community as a whole is affected by the criminal behaviour of its members. The community is not only harmed by such behaviour, but the behaviour itself is evidence that the community is out of balance. All members concerned must work together to repair the harm and to restore harmony.

The central component of this program is the restorative justice circle. The offender and his or her family or significant others participate in a “circle” meeting with the victim and the victim’s support network, along with a team of two trained volunteer facilitators. The circle is held within weeks of the incident, and its members determine the best way to deal with the incident for all parties involved.

When justice is dealt with in this inclusive manner, the matter is handled quickly in a way that supports closure and the beginning of healing.

  • The offender is offered an opportunity for self-accountability
  • The victim gains understanding, and sometimes even forgiveness
  • The authority of the family and community to take responsibility for themselves is affirmed



Our referrals come from:

  • The police (with or without charges being laid)
  • The court system
  • The schools
  • The victim or offender, or lawyers on their behalf

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